Dubbelklik hier om de afbeelding te veranderen

Several years ago sit/stand tables were considered a luxury or an employee harassment. Those days are over, and the products are now chosen for rational considerations, where the interest of the employee and the company meet. Here are some arguments for choosing a sit/stand table:

Argument 1

The possibility to change from sitting to standing position or just adjust the height a little has a preventive effect, so   working injuries and longterm absence is limited.

Argument 2

Also minor injuries acquired in people''''''''s spare time cause absence. Gardening,  sports or other unaccustomed strain gives a lot of absence. For the employees it is always a little embarrassing, but with a sit/stand table they come back to work sooner. The result is that  shortterm absence is limited.


Argumet 3

The efficiency is increased when you are not annoyed by an uncomfortable working position.


Argument 4

The price for the sit/stand table is crucial for the payback time. With a ConSet table this time is short. 


A sit/stand frame costs € 283,- and has a durability of 15 years, i.e. € 18,- per year which corresponds approximately to the cost of 1 working hour. The average absence must only be reduced by 1,5% to make ends meet. In comparison problems in the back, neck and arms represent approximately 33% of the total absence. It is almost too good to be true.