Kneeling chair Balans Vital

Do you wonder what is the best seating position? It is always the next one!

HÅG Balans Vital encouraged the world to rethink chairs that a chair can take different forms. It paved the way for a conceptual revolution in the development of chairs and sitting. Peter Opsvik and his colleagues have worked with HÅG since 1974, and they have been instrumental in helping develop the principles that HÅG bases its business on today. At the end of 2007 HÅG has stopped producing the HÅG Balans 6035 and therefore Wesjon decided to develop a good and up to date alternativ.
An ergonomic chair is a chair that naturally follows your movements with the adoption of the next sitting position. It must obey the minor and major movements of the body and be at rest when the body requires it.
When the kneeling chair Balans Vital follows the body it means you can concentrate on your work, at the same time as the body gets the appropriate nourishment for the active muscles. You are moving your entire body without being aware of it. 

Now 250 units Balans Vital available from stock.

Now also available in smooth Elmosoft leather black


Kneeling chair Balance Vital

HÄG Balans Vital demonstrates an alternative way of sitting. By changing your body position as you do in this chair you attain greater freedom of movement and a more neutral sitting position. This concept of a ‘kneeling’ chair, was one of the very first to embody ergonomic principles of posture seating. By sitting with the legs at an angle and your knee joint far below your hip joint your pelvic angle is open allowing your spine to maintain its natural curve.
Soon also in real leather available!