PE5550 Saddle stool

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Properties ReHa Structural foam

New procedures and materials like the foam system offer softness degrees encompassing the enormous spectrum from approx. 15 Shore A (supersoft) up to approx. 70 Shore A (very hard)! PUR products possess a pleasant touch, are shockproof and damping, water resistant, stable and resilient, easy to clean, comfortable and may be anatomically shaped. Reha offers the new material  for variable fields of application, in different colours, surfaces, hardness ratings and characteristics, e.g. with flame protection (Crib V) or electrical conductivity (ESD).

  • Very soft  polyurethane saddle made Intergral Reha foam
  • Seat is fully rotating
  • Seat adjustable 
  • Operated by 2 handles 
  • Various heights starting at 42 cm 
  • Available from stock

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