Press Release


 Nowadays we sit hours in front of a screen. This is mainly caused by the computerasition of the last decades. The computer is one of the most important tools for the privat- and businesslife. This means that we sit far too long and too passive in a chair in a cramped manner. This way of sitting increases the risk of all kinds of arm, neck, shoulder and back pain. A good example of cramped sitting is during typing. During typing your arm and neck muscles get very tense, so you get more complaints the longer you persist in this posture.
These symptoms may be reduced by the use of a saddle seat. This does not mean that the saddle seat is a replacement of the normal chair, but a complement to it. People are simply not made to sit. Through the tilting of the pelvis while sitting on a saddle seat the user is forced in a natural way to a balanced and straight position. This is also helped by the anatomical design of the saddle and the tilting of the seat. It is not only the seat that makes the sitting position stable, it also trains the body. This means that the saddle seat activates more muscles of the back, abdomen and legs. These movements of the muscles also helps the blood circulation in the body during the work. Through the development of the muscles while sitting, one gets used to sitting upright.

The saddle seat is not only used as a seating solution for screen work, it is also used as a supporting solution for e.g. the medical sector, agricultural sector and especially in the hairdressing industry. In the CAO of the hairdressing industry the use of a saddle seat is even included is as a precaution for RSI (Repetitive Strain Injury) and absenteeism reduction. This therefore shows how far the saddle seat has developed.

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