Chair manufacturer RH Form AB has been producing ergonomic chairs since 1975. As well as designing chairs and accessories which support and relieve pressure on the body, and which are easy for the user to operate, RH is now focusing on developing other aspects of chairs, such as upholstery and coverings.

For the new RH Logic 300/400 model, RH has devised a special wool pad to draw away the user’s natural body moisture more effectively. Tests were carried out on two seats from the company’s own models, the RH Moveon and the RH Logic 400.

These tests were conducted in February 2006 by IFP Research AB, an industrial research institute with technical expertise in fibres, fibre composites, rubber, plastics and textiles. The test results showed that the Logic 400 seats allowed 25% more heat streams to pass through.

“Our chairs provide bodily comfort on many different levels,” says Jörgen Josefsson, RH’s Country Manager for the UK. “Minimising the build up of warmth in upholstery has an extremely positive effect on the user. The user doesn’t get as hot with an RH Logic, resulting in a marked improvement in comfort. The upholstery also stays cooler and fresher throughout the day, which is another greatly appreciated benefit of the new RH Logic 300/400.”