PE5190 Saddlechair with lumbarsupport in Trend Collection 2009

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  • Description


  • Seat and lumbarsupport are made from comfort HD-foam
  • Seat is fully rotating
  • Seat adjustable from 5° to -8°
  • Whole chair is standard seamless upholstered in Trend Collection 2009 for bright colors, choice of 9 colors
  • Gasspring chrome
  • Height-adjustable backrest
  • Backrest adjustable from +6° to -16°
  • Backrest is available with permanent backcontact so that the back is followed in almost every movement
  • Backresthood is polstered in the same color 
  • Backrest height is adjustable by lever
  • Backrest tilt is adjustable by button.
  • Optionally available with armrests 5D
  • Flat aluminium base Ø 64 cm polished
  • Various heights starting at 42 cm
  • Standard with non-compression brake castor for all floors
  • Available from stock

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