Kneeling chair Balance Vital

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HÄG Balans Vital demonstrates an alternative way of sitting. By changing your body position as you do in this chair you attain greater freedom of movement and a more neutral sitting position. This concept of a ‘kneeling’ chair, was one of the very first to embody ergonomic principles of posture seating. By sitting with the legs at an angle and your knee joint far below your hip joint your pelvic angle is open allowing your spine to maintain its natural curve.

From September 2014, the chair has been completely aesthetic updated, so that the model is ready for the next 30 years. This new version is therefore fully available.

  • Seating height  440 - 580 mm
  • Seat depth 305 mm, seat width 390 mm
  • Framecolor black  
  • Aluminum base diameter 64 cm, black with or black with upper site polished
  • Castors for solid floors or carpet
  • The forward slanting seat and knee support are designed to change the distribution of body weight and align the spine in a more natural position than regular chairs
  • Choice of 5 different colors of fabric
  • NEW: Now also available in 9 colors of artificial leather, pinetree green is sprouting   
  • Both versions are available from stock
  • Click here for spare parts or changing parts  
  • We are looking for agents or distributors for the European market, for information please mail us

 Available in 5 colors of Trevira fabric from stock:

Balans Vital

In 9 colors of artifacial leather available from stock:



Chocolate braun

Pinetree green

Lemon green

Safran yellow

Delfts blue

Cherish red
Elmosoft Leather

Bonanza Leather
Yellow Leather

Watch out: Colors can be diferent from one monitor to anotherr

How are you going to sit on a Balans Vital?